Exposing the masses to the benefits of cold water exposure, one cold nut at a time.

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step Into the cold



Your success in the cold depends on your mental preparation – the things you do before you even enter the water.



As you get in, get control of your breath. Force yourself to inhale & exhale slowly, with intention.



Focus on your breath, on the feeling of cold as it enters your body. And enjoy the sensation as your body and mind become one.

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Join the #75COLD Challenge

It isn't for everybody, but the community is great!

Four times a year, we start a new #75cold challenge. It is 75 days straight of cold plunging (3:00), time with friends/fam (5:00), and time outside (10:00). That’s it. Super simple. Super awesome. Super hard.

Heck, even Rex fell off the wagon and missed a day on the first ever #75cold challenge (24.1). But you know what? It’s more about the journey than the destination.

It’s like 75hard, just colder…

Cold hard FAQs

How long?

How long should I stay in the cold plunge?

As long as you freaking want! But the “science” suggests that you only need 11 minutes per week to achieve the maximum physical benefit. That’s just 1:35 per day, if you go 7-days a week.

How cold?

How cold should my cold plunge be?

As cold as you freaking want! Again, the “science” seems to suggest that anything under 59º F (15º C) is enough to realize the physical beneifts. If you’re here for the mental component, you’ll probably want to go colder. Because 59º just isn’t that cold/challenging…

How Often?

How often should I cold plunge?

As often as you freaking want! Most people that really get into cold exposure choose to do it daily. We experience the benefit to our daily routine, mood, and energy levels. And once you start to realize this, why would you not want that in your life every day?

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